Who we are

Passionate creative enthusiastic graphic designers with over a decade of award-winning, high-profile experience.

We specialize in innovative creative design, driven by serious passion to challenge ourselves creatively and push the envelope of what’s possible, always setting our goals high and reaching beyond the ordinary.

Art Director, Lead Designer and Photographer Aeron Nersoya

How it works

We can follow your specific design instructions or create a concept on our own. All we need is the text and images you want to include in your design. If you don’t have any images that’s OK too. We will check all materials you’ve submitted. If we are missing anything or if we find any issues with your digital files, we will immediately contact you.


We’ll take care of things such as re-sizing, cropping, and converting from RGB color mode to CMYK. If you need retouching, a silhouette, or a custom illustration. We use professional drum scanner for scanning original photographs.


No typesetting charge if you sent us a digital text file (word document, notepad, pages, email). If you supplied hard copies, we will typeset and email it to you for proofreading.

We will thoroughly review all of your materials and get started on the design. We may use images from our stock library, or textures to enhance the design. Our designers will create one complete package solution to best suit your needs. Art director will work closely with the designer, providing constructive feedback during the design process.

3 Revisions

The design process naturally consists of phases. The designer creates a design draft, we’ll email you PDF preview for feedback, take time to look over your previews carefully. Revisions are then made with the goal to move closer to the best end result for the project and its audience.

Every client is unique and we always factor in the option of making adjustments, correcting typo, changing a short text phrase, replacing an image or a color. After we receive the Your first consolidated feedback we email you a confirmation. We’ll use a subject line such as "first round of revisions out of three" and then reiterate the changes we’re planning to do based on your feedback. Once all of your comments, ideas and questions are consolidated, we provide a new version, that’s the end of first round of revision.


Graphic Desig 8

Graphic Design 8